Sporzin Electric Toothbrush Electric Toothbrushes for Adults, Sonic Toothbrush Electronic Toothbrush Electric…

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【electric toothbrush 8mm super-wide swing amplitude, inborn “Bass Method” procedures】The user only needs to place the electronic toothbrush head on the surface of teeth, and the motor will practically generate 8mm super-wide swing amplitude, thus avoiding brushing your teeth like dragging the saw. This style of electric toothbrushes for adults can allow the head to move and clean repeatedly up and down along the gap between teeth and dental face.
【Electronic Toothbrush Stronger maglev stainless steel movement, 230gf.cm large torque sustain the surging power 】best electric toothbrush for adults can not only avoid the power loss, but also generate the effective large torque of 230gf.cm, as well as maintain 8mm super-wide swing amplitude and achieve 40,000 times/min vibration frequency. Under such power, it can directly drive the toothbrushes electric head to rush plenty of bubbles and achieve high efficient cleaning and unblocked movement.
【Electric Toothbrushes for Adults 60-day maximum battery life】can liberate you from the usage of chargers in high frequency–portable and universal USB interface, large-capacity lithium-ion battery, the longest battery life of 60 days after charging 5h at the usage frequency of twice a day and 2min per time.